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April 23, 2012


a mobile for mr kitly....

an egg-shaped light spot on the ceiling....

billie, julian and eppo playing....

flowers :^)

April 06, 2012


I was working on some mobiles today, actually I can hardly
claim that this is really 'working', if feels more like playing :)

They soon will be send to MR KITLY.

I wish you all a very nice and hopefully sunny Easter!
( because who wants to collect eggs in the rain? Nobody.)

March 16, 2012


A mobile for a nursery

An illustration from a craft book that I've found in the
thrift store the other day

The stems of Miscanthus are bright red on the inside,
I discovered it while I was cutting the grasses

Another illustration from the same book

Paper beads

Have a nice weekend all :^)

January 13, 2012


Finally some sun today!
It gives me energy :^)

I was painting balls for a new set of mobiles,
played with the blocks for a while,
then browsed in a book of Oscar Schlemmer
and made some pictures of the light that occasionally
lit up my room.
I tried a few compositions with the wooden
plates, but I'm still not quite sure what I want.
We'll see :^)

Have a nice weekend all!

December 21, 2011

Little zoo.

I've bought a rhino for my little nephew and a turtle for myself;
they look so lifelike, don't you think!

( the chicken is chocolate :^)

More animals at Mieke Willems.

October 05, 2011

Millefleurs & more treasures.

For some time I've planned to make a series of embroideries
on the theme 'Gardens', inspired by the famous millefleurs
tapestries - meaning thousand flowers - which were woven here
in Flanders in the Middle Ages.
The best known and also my favourite are the
' Lady and the Unicorn' tapestries in the Museé de Cluny in Paris,
really wonderful!

But so far, this project's only a fantasy, something for later, when
I will have oceans of time, maybe :)
So, in the meantime, I've made this temporary Thousand Flowers carpet,
or better Trash Carpet from the treasures I've found on my walks
or here at my house, including a core of a pear and a plum stone.
And after this playtime, I trew everything in a bowl and then in
the dustbin.

note: Mille Fleur is also a breed of Belgian chicken :^)
and the best bay boletes have the size of a champagne cork!

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams :)

( you can doubleclick on the photos for more detail )

August 13, 2011

Little men.

I've found again this snapshot of Joe, taken
on a summer's day in the late afternoon, about
two years ago; the photo reminds me a bit of
'The Incredible Shrinking Man' ; I've seen that movie
long time ago, very long time ago, so I only remember
the man starts to shrink, maybe to atomic size:
Closing Monologue.

And bought a water hyacint to make a small
aquarium, the dino is plastic :)

Have a nice weekend all!

February 09, 2011

A movie!

Do you remember my 'tea box home cinéma' project?
Well, this is my first movie!
The greater part was filmed on location in Lieven and Nana's
the more intimate parts, such as the photo
below, were taken at my studio; I also 'borrowed'
some images from 'Inland Empire' ( photo 4-6 )
Nikki, Laura Dern's character is performed by my
favourite actress and Arthur's muse,
Barbie Millicent Roberts, born March 1959;
you might remember her also as Cérise Foncé or

now the movie :^)


February 04, 2011

Some bees.

Made some bees together with the girl downstairs;
she did the painting, I did the assembly.

Have a nice weekend everybody :^)

January 19, 2011

How to build a city...

... with papertrash :^)

This collage was made for a project which is
already cancelled in the meantime, so I can
show it here. It was meant as some kind of
tutorial; as you can see, it's a city made of papertrash.
I used the same technique as for the mobile boxes,
although there's little technique involved here.

So, here's the secret: throw everything you have on
papertrash on a sheet of paper and move the pieces
till you have the constellation you like, than glue

I took some parts of the collage for this embroiderie.


January 08, 2011



Formes printanière placeés selon les lois du hasard,
by Hans Arp

Bohumil Hrabal and his cats, found here.

The potholders arrived at MR KITLY last week.
Have a nice weekend everybody :^)